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Why should you Change your IP Address? – and How to Do It!

Your IP address is one of the most crucial things when it comes to internet safety and privacy. It is just like a home address and pins you with a location. Generally, your ISP will assign you an IP address which can also be used to track your online activities.

The IP address can be changed using few ways including a VPN which we will discuss later on. Nowadays reliable sources like Anta.net will help you to choose your best VPN service for being safe online. For further information, we recommend you to visit this website. For now, let’s find out why is it necessary to use a different IP address instead of the one provided by your ISP.

Why should You change your IP Address?

Data privacy, security and anonymity are the top reasons for changing your IP address. 52% Americans are concerned about the government surveillance of personal online data; around 86% of internet users have already taken efforts to hide their online activities.

  • IP address pins you to a location which can be used to identify you. A different one would eliminate this risk of tracking.
  • ISPs limit bandwidth based on IP addresses. Changing it would remove that restriction and let you utilize the full bandwidth of your connection.
  • Governments and ISPs can block websites based on your location. With a different IP address you can get past such censorship and access the whole internet.
  • You can increase your privacy on the Internet by changing your IP address. As you are using an altogether different server, nobody will know from where the original requests are originating.

How to change IP Address?

It’s not as difficult to change your IP address, and you could go about it in two different ways. Let us take a look at both, and help you decide the better option for you.


Using a reliable proxy server will give you a different IP address through which your online activities will be conducted.

You will connect to the internet using the proxy server (after configuring your internet settings). It will fetch all the information and redirect it to your computer. Your real location is not revealed as the connection is routed through the proxy server using their ISP.

Proxies can be public or private and both paid or free.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A VPN service is the best way to mask your location without revealing your original IP address.

Your whole data exchange on the internet happens through servers of the VPN provider which can be located in multiple countries. Reliable VPN services also offer strong encryption, malware and DNS leak protection increasing your safety on the internet.

You don’t need to configure anything; just fire up your VPN and access the internet. You will be automatically assigned to a server and IP address which can also be chosen manually.

Whether you use a proxy or VPN service, remember to check if your IP has actually changed. Many websites identify your active IP address and can be used for the purpose.