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Southampton, UK – Places you shouldn’t miss

Southampton is the perfect travel destination if you’re searching for diversity, delicious food and plenty of entertaining things to do.  Amazingly enough, the city is packed with locations everybody must see at least once in their lifetime, from attractions, activities, arts, galleries, and tours. People have various interests: some prefer visiting festivals of listening music, but there are a lot of game-lovers among them. If you belong to those category you will definitely like a reputable website ValleyGames, where you can find a wide range of online casino. Hosting various events yearly, it does not matter if you are seeking for local events or holidays, or events with a national or international importance. You will find all these in the amazing Southampton. Below we have a list of places you should hop by if in the city.

1. Events and concerts at Fo’c’sle Folk Club

Maybe one of the most popular locations in Southampton when it comes to concerts and events, Fo’c’sle Folk Club is offering plenty of events weekly so visitors can enjoy freely a lively atmosphere is the company of jolly folks, great food and amazing music. With events throughout the entire year and a now with a new, improved location, the folk club will surely pass visitors’ expectations. And before hopping by, you should know that every Friday might is folk night, so pick your date with care. Live music at its best, offered by great musicians in a warm and jolly atmosphere. If you are searching for something like this, visit the club. Young and old individuals love the location for the amazing energy and just as many keep coming back for more week after week. Something should be keeping in mind, though; this is a smoking-free club. The club is open between 8 and 11 PM and the exact address is 108 Portswood Rd, Portswood, Southampton SO17 2FW (corner of Portswood Avenue). Give it a try!

2. Walks and tours

The impressive views make the city perfect for walks and tours. You should definitely consider sightseeing walks around Southampton. Luckily, you can choose from a wide variety of tours.

  • Water tours – maybe some of the most impressive tours one could take part in around the city are water tours. These are planned and implemented by SS Shieldhall, a cargo and passenger transportation company. They offer cruises for two hours daily and you should certainly consider these tours.
  • Private tours – these tours are organised by a small family which offers incredible private tours all across South England, including Southampton. Their tours are held in their luxury vehicles, which can easily accommodate four, five or six individuals at once.
  • Guided walks–there are plenty of guided groups in which you can easily enrol for an amazing Southampton tour. Also held in luxury vehicles, these tours are popular amongst plenty of visitors.
  • Self-guided tours–you can visit the incredibly preserved old town, the Titanic trail, and the E2Q Mile. These are all hot touristic spots and you cannot afford to miss those while in the city.

These are some of the most popular activities and locations in Southampton. If you are unsure what activities you should get involved in, visit online travel guide and decide.