Fo'c'sle Programme May 2002

3 Anything Goes with Special Feature from the Carla Hendriks Band

Carla Hendriks (lead vocals), Chris Lowe (Guitar, Mandolin and Vocals), John Whale (Bass), Bernie Foxx (Drums and Percussion) and Andi Dawson (Keyboards, Vocals and Penny Whistle).

Carla is a very experienced vocalist who has worked extensively in theatre, TV, cabaret and cruising, at home and abroad. She started her career in a duo (that sometimes expanded to a 5-piece) that was based in Holland and also toured there. She has worked with various bands, over the years.

The Carla Hendriks Band is her current project and she is working with musicians who have similar interests, which is very much a bonus. It is a Folk/Rock fusion band, with many other influences, making it a most interesting and musically rewarding experience. The material is as wide as the members' extensive experience would lead you to expect and includes a good range of folk standards and not-so-standards!

(Early May Bank Holiday Weekend)

10 David Rovics


We donated David to the Winchester Folk Festival last year when the date clash surfaced, so this year we are bringing him to the Club. He is a folksinger of the rabble-rousing variety and has become something of a fixture in the American protest scene, performing at demonstrations throughout the country, including A16 (the April 16th protest against the IMF/World Bank), the School of the Americas, and many others. David also performs regularly throughout North America, Europe and Israel at festivals, folk clubs, college campuses, and at conferences, including many SEAC conferences as well as those of organisations such as Veterans for Peace, the Green Party, the Union of Radical Political Economists, Independent Progressive Politics Network, SURGE, STARC and many others. David has shared the stage with the likes of Pete Seeger, Michael Moore, Billy Bragg, Howard Zinn, John McCutcheon, Ralph Nader, Eric Drooker and Fred Small. David sings original songs about the various struggles of the day, combining accomplished bluegrass-style flat-picking with incisive Lyrics. His CD "Live at Club Passim", includes songs addressing issues such as the relocation of the Dineh people at Big Mountain, the antics of the Biotic Baking Brigade, the plight of the alligators, and the idea of the minimum wage strike. The CD was recorded live in April, 2000 with a bunch of stellar bluegrass musicians including Eric Royer, Sean Staples, Rob Laurens and others. David also sings many songs of other activist-oriented contemporary songwriters such as Jim Page, and those of a variety of 20th-century songwriters such as Joe Hill, Woody Guthrie, and Phil Ochs. In addition to putting on concerts, David does performances and workshops that focus specifically on the music of 20th-century social movements such as the radical labor movement of the early 20th century and student and anti-war movements of the 1960's. David's recordings have been aired nationally by Pacifica Radio and by other radio stations across the U.S., Europe, Australia and New Zealand, including national radio in Ireland (RTE), the BBC, and the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). His songwriting has been commended by noted colleagues including Pete Seeger, and his songs have been published in Sing Out! magazine as well as in the Earth First! Journal. David has also toured extensively with various ensembles; as a member of Chris Chandler's band, Avoiding Godot, as well as with Robert Hoyt and as a member of Aunt Betsy. David's website,, includes an extensive collection of MP3 files of songs from various of his CDs as well as links to other activist-oriented musicians and their music. The website also includes many CD and performance reviews, downloadable posters, past and future tour itineraries, and an essay on "the power of song."

Discography: "Live at Club Passim" CD (2000), "We Just Want The World" CD (1999), "Pay Day at Coal Creek" CD (1999) and "Living In These Times" (2001).

Here's a radio-friendly run-down of the CD contents for "Living In These Times". Complete lyrics to all the songs can be found in the "song lyrics" section of my website. The sheet music to most of these songs can also be found in my songbook.

1. "The Dying Firefighter" -- September 11, 2001, World Trade Center. 2. "From Kabul to Khartoum" -- US foreign policy ("we're gonna bomb our way to freedom"). 3. "St. Patrick Battalion" -- 202 Irish-American deserters from the US Army joined the Mexican Army during the Mexican-American War. 4. "Who Will Tell the People" -- A song about why we need the alternative media, and what the corporate media isn't telling us. Specifically dedicated to the show, Democracy Now!. 5. "The Rinky Dink Song" -- About a marvelous contraption called the Rinky Dink. A sort of traveling bicycle/solar/wind-powered radio station/sound system. 6. "Shut Them Down" -- Generic protest song for shutting down the evil financial institution of the day (IMF, World Bank, WTO, etc.). 7. "Behind the Barricades" -- A kiss behind the barricades. Love, community and revolution. 8. "Song for Basra" -- A song for the besieged, starved, bombed, humiliated people of Iraq's second city. 9. "International Terrorists" -- For all the terrorists, big and small, independent and state-sponsored. 10. "Trading With the Enemy" -- Named after Jesse Helms' 1996 act of congress, dedicated to the good people of the Republic of Cuba. 11. "No One Is Illegal" -- A song about borders, immigration, and globalization. 12. "My Daughter" -- A song for a little Iraqi girl. 13. "I Remember Warsaw" -- About the great Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, April, 1943. 14. "Children of Jerusalem" -- The song that got my tour of Israel cancelled. For the Palestinian children still daily getting gunned down by the IDF. 15. "DU" -- A song about the substance known by the misnomer of Depleted Uranium. 16. "Polyamory Song" -- A little ditty about the joy of open relationships. 17. "The Jewel of Bucharest" -- A love song.

"The Peace Research Institute in Oslo has studied the major wars of the 1990s (overwhelmingly civil wars, not inter-country wars) and found that they share certain characteristics: they have taken place in countries with high levels of poverty and land degradation, low fresh water availability, high external debt, falling export income from primary commodities and a history of vigorous IMF intervention -- all conditions heightened, if not totally caused, by the World Bank, the IMF, and the WTO." From the book Global Showdown, by Maude Barlow and Tony Clarke

17 Club Closed for

Winchester Folk Festival 17-19 May 2002 Vin Garbutt headlines the Friday Concert and Martin & Norma the Saturday proceedings together with Coope Boyes & Simpson and Risky Business. Other Guests include Hen Party and distinguished songwriter and friend of Hen Party, Mary Eagle.

24 Roots Quartet

Yvette Staelens & Michelle Hicks

Now based in Somerset, Yvette Staelens (singer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, arranger, workshop leader) and Michelle Hicks (from a large and vibrant Scottish family, growing up in Dundee) recently thrilled audiences for BBC1's long-running Songs of Praise with some outstanding folk-style singing during the programme from Exeter, and have been giving a series of singing workshops in Village Halls in Hampshire for 'Hog the Limelight'. Despite their name, the Quartet consists of only two members, experienced and remarkable folk and acoustic performers, singing à capella, with fabulous harmonies and some arrangements also including 'cello, treble recorder or percussion. Styles ranges from big band harmonies to traditional Celtic ballads and everywhere in between. Recent albums are "On Weymouth Strand" and "Somerset Sisters", latest, and (they think) most exciting venture to date:

Saturday 25 May tbc "Somerset Sisters" with Roots Quartet

St Mary's, Hound, Parish Church (on the Hamble Peninsula), 7.30pm.

More about St Mary's Church

At the turn of the last century a remarkable discovery was made in Somerset.... Bicycling around villages and venturing into Bridgwater, Minehead and further afield, a middle - aged music teacher from London collected hundreds of folk songs and tunes. His name was Cecil Sharp and he is remembered today for his involvement in the first Folk revival. But what of the Singers? Few but the avid folk collector can name any of the singers. But these are key people in this story, the song bearers, many of whom were women. Sisters like Louie Hooper and Lucy White of Hambridge who earned a living as outworkers for the shirting industry. They gave Sharp over 100 songs between them. Then there was Mrs Overd of Langport who remembered versions of well known songs such as 'The Banks of Green Willow' and 'Wraggle Taggle Gypsies'. She and her friend Mrs Eliza Hutchings treated Sharp to an electrifying rendition of 'Dicky of Taunton Deane' and he recalled how they '...sang and danced it together with great spirit, in a way that I shall not easily forget'. We want to celebrate the contribution that these remarkable women have made to English cultural history. To share aspects of their lives 100 years ago, gain understanding of why they carried these songs and tunes and of course, sing their songs. We invite you to join us in celebrating an amazing oral tradition.

Further details from the Fo'c'sle. Proceed down Hamble Lane towards Hamble from the Tesco (Windhover) roundabout (at the far end of the Bursledon Road or M27 Junction 8) and follow signs for Netley Abbey/Victoria Country Park until, after turning right at a roundabout after a mile free of them , the Church is 100 yards (metres) down on the left. Some parking in the old ox-bow of road or up the approach track to the now closed adjacent farm shop (Steward on duty).

More about St Mary's Church

Yvette & Michelle back in civvies!

31 Anything Goes

Double Bank Holiday and Chippenham Folk Festival Weekend
Spring Bank Holiday (Monday 3 June) and Golden Jubilee (Tuesday 4 June)

Submitted by Trevor Gilson

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